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[Theme] White Chrome v1.0 for Weapon v2.5 [9/14/11]

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Here is a theme by KinGDaViD63 and mmapcpro for Weapon G2x, mmapcpro put more work into this one than I so make sure yall thank him as well!

Download: White Chrome v1.0 For Weapon G2x v2.5

*Wallpaper, icons, and other accessories in 2nd post*

Install Instructions:
Make a nandroid backup (not required, but highly recommended)
Reboot into CWM Recovery
Wipe Dalvik-cache
Flash the theme
Fix permissions

White Chrome v1.0 initial Release - [9/14/11] Includes Power Off animation and sound, Droid notification and ringtone, Blacked out GMail and search box, and matching boot animation! Feedback

Thanks to sv0911 for the icons and Wallpapers! Thanks to B-Boy for the blacked out Gmail! Shout out to Tweezit for the power off animation and sound! Shout out to Hawk and Kwes1020 for the help with finding the animation! The Dialers were made by MMapcpro, couldnt have done this without him so thanks to him. I wanna give a special shout out to Tiger for helping a straight noob out on this. I also wanna thank WhiteHawk for the stable, bada$$ rom for the G2x, dont get no better. If yall got a few extra bucks (i know some of yall are rich) throw it to one of them. At this point in time with our theme, Faux123 Kernel and Hawkz Rom, this phone is Perfect to me! Sensation? Get real!

Screen Shots:


Here is the icons I used in the Launcher they are by rjhay22.
Download: Mirror Effect Icons
Not a flashable zip! Unzip icons and put whereever, however you want. I use launcher pro to make my dock icons, or desktop visualizer.

Here is the wallpapers and Icons thanks to sv0911 for the wallpapers!
Download: G2x Wallpaper and Icons

Here is the Zip of Chrome Accessories threw together by mmapcpro, Drawer icon, A few walls, Icons, Chrome Handcent, etc...

Screen Shots:

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well thank you sir... i just wish this site had as much traffic as the other one... it really is the better of the two...
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