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ThemeR Studio​

ThemeR Studio is a series of scripts built to make the lives of Android themers using Linux easier. As a themer myself I know the kind of work that goes into putting together a quality theme. I also know the troubles it can be to set up a workspace and all the tools we use to get our work done. It bothered me how much time and effort could be wasted setting up a place to theme, when that time could have very well been spent bettering our themes.

Now, you don't need to waste that time! ThemeR Studio scripts should be easy enough for those new to Linux to use with ease. Even an auto setup option that takes care of almost everything for you.

Features include
-Auto Setup
-Downloads & Installs latest Android SDK
-Installs ApkManager
-Installs ApkOpt
-Modified ApkManager with customizable compression & optimization levels
-Modified ApkOpt with customizable compression & optimization levels
-Universal tool set
-Installation of programs needed
-Build Workspace
-Backup & Restore workspaceExport & Import of backups to DropBox
-No need to add path variables for apkopt or apkmanager!
-More to come!

Works on Ubuntu based distros

NOTE: If you use KDE you will need to download gnome terminal for these to properly work. Firefox is the browser used for some links so they won't work if you don't have it.

If you have used these on another distro please let me know if they work or not so I can add to the list

Please make sure you don't have the directory "/home/your_user_name/Android" because this is where these scripts will write to.

Disclaimer: These scripts are provided as is with no guarantees, if you choose to use them you do so at your own risk! I will not be held responsible for any damages or losses that might occur when using these scripts.

Open the zip with your archive manager, and drag the folder "ThemeRStudio" to your desktop. Open it, double click "" and choose "run in terminal"

Download ThemeR Studio

I've been working on updating this to V2, and also now have it on GitHub!
To get the latest just open a terminal and run the following command (assuming you have git installed)
git clone

The original version of themer studio can be found on github here

[HINT] New theme engine setup script found in both! 32 or 64 bit versions availavble :)

I put a lot of hard work and long hours into these scripts, I hope you enjoy!


Some Features comming include
TMobile Theme Engine setup

If you have any suggestions on features please add them I'd be happy to try to include them

-Inital release
-Bug Fix to install 7zip before setting up tools

I'd like to give a big thanks to those that deserve it.

Daneshm90 for the original ApkManager Script, and farmatito for the port to Linux
coolbho3000 for the original ApkOpt script, I'm not sure who ported it to Linux

The brave souls who tested out the scripts for me and helped working out bugs

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DUDE, first off love your d1 kernels, but seriously, big +1 for comment above ^^

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Just saw your thread for that yesterday, yes I have added theme engine support in a beta, there's some bugs in other areas that need worked out, but as of now it detects 32 or 64 bit system, installs dependencys depending on system, downloads hazmatics source...I did add a make in there but screwed something up so it doesn't build yet...

What were you thinking like import images from $destination to $template then run theme generator & make?...can send you what I have so far if you want to look

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mine doesnt actually use his template. all it requires is the package name of the app, ie, and the images you want to use. it generates everything else for you.

and i have no idea how we could merge them lol. i just thought itd be something we could start thinking about. im doing about a billion other things right at this moment, but if you hit me up on gtalk maybe we can get some ideas bouncing around.
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