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Themers: T-Mobile theme engine or flashable zip?

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Hey, I run cm7, I love design and graphics, so I'm thinking of getting into theming.

I have a rudimentary knowledge of how both methods work, and I'm not afraid of Google, and learning new things. I just want to know, which do you prefer for cm7 themes?

My assumptions:
Tmo theme engine:
Easy testing / swapping
If you make a mistake, all your stock data is still intact
easy for users to apply
Hard to compile APK's
Need to have githib setup etc... (already use Linux, so its cool)
Some problems with pngs I've heard?

flashable zip
Easier to learn?
Easy to adapt to multiple roms?
Easier to put together?
Less programming needed?
Have to flash through recovery
Not as easy to un-do...

What are your thoughts?

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As a user, I would prefer theme manager. That way, you can switch back to stock. Restoring a backup isn't the same. Then I have to boot up and restore any new/updated apps and restore important data. It's just not worth it so unless I think I'll stay with a theme until I have to update my ROM, I'm unlikely to flash a theme.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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