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[Themes] for Chevy's SS 5.5 ROM by B-boy™

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I normally have 9 themes available but I'm taking a little break from my main themes to focus on other ventures so I'll only port a few over to 5.5.. I spent most of the night figuring out how to install the theme without bootlooping since the rom is taking up 99% of the system partition, otherwise I would have released it lastnight.. I'll explain below how to install it.. Thanks to Chevy for yet another amazing rom!.. This is an so install via recovery or rom manager and wipe dalvik cache.. Follow me on Twitter @B_boytm to keep up with other things I'm doing and new things, too... I think I tested it pretty good but as always, let me know if ya find anything... Enjoy!


Installation Instructions:

You need to have around 17+mb free in the system partition... If you have root explorer, open it and select system. At the top it will tell you how much you have left... mine was 2.44mb last night which will cause a bootloop.. So, I uninstalled/deleted any system app that isn't needed or that I can get off the market and moved the BootAnimation from sytem/media to Data/local.. in root explorer it will keep telling you how much free space you have after each deletion but you'll still wanna reboot once you get enough free'd up... I did delete ADW and Gmail but Gmail will go right back to system/app so that's your call.. Once you have rebooted, download the theme or flash it like normal and you should be good..Go to my section and check out my other Kameleon apps and GB Keyboards that self theme to the color of the theme you are running (on my themes mainly) and my inverted apps..

If you choose to use my Dark Market, I had to rename the stock one in system/app from to Vending.apk and reboot.. then flash the Dark Market.. it didn't apply when I left chevy's market as is but it flashed perfectly when I renamed his first...


THEMES : Main Theme - BLIZZARD - white/black theme Main Theme -FusterCluck - Multi colored theme (see 2nd post for screen shots... Main Theme - MURDER - Red and Black Theme - Remixed with a lot of new icons and chromed out as a test -See 3rd post for screen shots

EXTRAS: Dark Market 3.0.27 - flash in recovery or rom manager Kameleon Dark Facebook 1.6.3 - installs like a normal app. Uninstall the stock one first... Dark GoogleVoice 4.2.32 - Installs like a normal app since the stock one is in data/app also... uninstall your old one first *has 4x1 widgets (credit to thebowers for doing this first)

What's themed?

Included in the main theme:

Calculator - Kameleon Series - Themed icon included
Gallery 3D
GoogleQuickSearch -Kameleon Edition - Inverted and customized by me *Shows as Dark GoolgeSearch in the app drawer
LatinIME - GB keyboard - Glow Series

Inverted Gtalk1.3 - By Alastrionia (themed by me)
Inverted Gmail 2.3.5 - by me and ecsnead69 (themed by me)


DARK MARKET v3.0.27 - Inverted and themed by me *shows as Dark Market in the app drawer

Dark Facebook 1.6.3 - Inverted by theBowers, themed and customized by me *shows as Dark Facebook in the app drawer

GoogleVoice 4.2.32- Kameleon Edition -Inverted and customized by me *Shows as Dark GoogleVoice in the app drawer

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