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Seeing as how our community moves fast and its hard to try and find all the threads for themes for .340 and 2.3.3, it has been decided by the Android Lords that this theme list will be created for the benefit of all!!

Will be updated accordingly=]
If you have ANY themes for Gingerbread .596 OTA please PM me the links so I may add to this list

First and Foremost: Deodex Zips for Stock Builds
(Flash through Clockwork) Bouchigo's .596 Deodexer

Gingerbread .596 Themes

[THEME] AOSP GB theme for Stock DX .596 AOSP GB

[THEME] GingiBlur Blue Theme for DroidX Stock Gingerbread GingiBlur

[THEME] RedX for Stock Gingerbread .596 Red X BWC for .596


[THEME] Project Optimus Project Optimus

[THEME]OrangeX for Apex RC02 Orange X

[THEME] GoogleBread (Update) [Apex 2.0 RC2] GoogleBread

[THEME] MIUI Theme For APEX 2.0 RC1 and UP MIUI

[THEME] REVOlution for Apex 2.0 RC2 (6/12/2011) REVOlution

[THEME] Dark Frost : Apex RC1 Dark Frost

ThunderX Alpha Coming Tomorrow! ThunderX

[Theme] Smooth Blue for GB ROM's Smooth Blue

[THEME] BlueBread v1.2 For the GingerBread Droid X BlueBread

Liberty Dark Frost AOSP Liberty

[THEME] StormShadow Ultimate Storm Shadow Ultimate

ThunderX Alpha Coming Tomorrow! ThunderX


[STICKY] [UPDATE 6-15-11] Theme Chooser Themes - xda-developers CM7 theme list


[ROM][BETA] CyanogenMod 7 for the Droid X Cyanogenmod 7

Gingerbread .596

Official DX Gingerbread 2.3.3 (4.5.596) Release Thread - Something for everyone .596
Stock, Odexed and Deodoxed
(Please pay attention to which you need) AOSP Liberty

Hateraid Hateraid 1.5

Crespy Crespy 1

LEXLITE GINGERAID 4.6 LexLite Gingeraid 4.6

Broodcomb Broodcomb 4

ROM-Xcellerated Xcellerated

[ROM] ApeX V2.0.0 Release Candidate (RC2) (6/11/2011) Apex 2.0

[ROM] Liberty GingerbreadLiberty .0.6

Gingerbread .595

Mahi Mahi Ginger 1.1

ZapGB Zap GB


Foxtrot FoxTrot GB

R2Ginger R2 Ginger GB

[ROM] ApeX V2.0.0 Beta (5/3/2011) - Android ForumsApex 2.0


[ROM] ZombieStomped (DX Leaked GB Motoblur build) - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum ZombieStomped

Wanna Get back to .596 Stock?

Get VRZ_MB810_4.5.596_1FF_01.sbf.gz on - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
RSD Lite 4.8

*This is NOT a help thread*

I try to keep this thread as up-to-date as possible. If something is broken or suspected of KANG, please PM me asap so that steps may be taken to right all wrongs.

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Just flashed apex for sooooooooooooo good as "andy would say to Aunt B"..thanks to all who helped make this rom..awesome:)

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Do you have a thread link for Alpha-1? I made a theme called Alpha-1 for the first GB leak but never updated for .596 so I'm wondering what this one is. Thanks for the list tho!

EDIT: Downloaded it and everything in the is the same. All apps, framework, and even updater script. Can you please direct me to where you found it?

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JrzDroid said:
I PM'd you Cam
Hey Jrz, how many forums do you have this up on now? You're going to go crazy keeping them all up to

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Xcellerated can't receive incoming pics or videos....did anyone notice that? Let me know if u guys are having the same problem. I know cuz it tested my deodexed. 596 and could receive them and couldn't on Xcellerated. I like that rom too.
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