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teh Jax
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Whatcha's think? The Dell Streak has a crappy screen resolution (800x480) and only has 512MB RAM but it has dual core 1GHz Tegra, already has Honeycomb ported to it (NOT an SDK port but a real ROM port), and is getting official Honeycomb released to it in the coming months. I can prolly sell my Nook for ~$175 and buy a Streak for $225.

So whatcha's think? Is this worth a $50 upgrade?

Here's my breakdown from what I can tell:

+ Dual-core CPU
+ Real ported Honeycomb available now
+ Official Honeycomb released soon
+ Cameras, mic, buttons
+ Responsive touchscreen

= Size
= 512MB RAM
= Rooted with custom ROMs

- Lower resolution (not that the Nook's resolution is amazing)
- Crappy battery life (Nook is great in this department)
- Less active hacking community but it's not non-existent

Android Beginner
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I think I would stay with the nook. I love my nook and the dev community is great. I think that we will get a fully functioning Honeycomb soon. Patients is key.

Ramona Please
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They're gonna release ics's source.. not honeycomb's source.. which sucks..
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