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I'm running X Note 6 on the At&t Galaxy Note 3 100% flawless.

Special Thanks to》 Hashcode for Safestrap >
drakeymcmb >1st Flash method we had>
evilpotatoman >For Restore and going out of his way to help >
Raiderman >For his tech help/themes>
bri315317 >For his help and script thread>

Without y'all, I would of sold this phone.

No Aroma installer support. This is due to the stock Note 3 kernel framebuffer. To build a recovery which worked, it needed QCOM patches. So will Aroma.
If you try a .zip file with an Aroma installer, it will most likely just hang.
If you're stock ROM is modified then the "Reboot Recovery" function from inside Safestrap APK may / may not work.
Right now flashing / booting ROMs on rom-slots is broken. I'm debugging best I can.
EXFAT support seems broken right now (64gb SD cards)

Here is how we are using it now, but please read and follow instructions.
>bri315317 >

We are not responsible for your phone messing up. If your scared then go to church.
J/K > We have a restore thread if you make a mistake by > evilpotatoman >For Restore>
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