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Threads being censored...

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So, just was over in the Charge forum on the original R2DoesInc "Leak Thread", and I noticed that my posts that were in there have been deleted. Now I'll be the first to admit, that thread was becoming derailed by P3 vs R2Does posts, and would have become even more wildy off-topic. I am fine locking threads when they become out of hand, and even deleting some posts when necessary. I hate looking for info on a ROM and having to wade through 100's of pages of off-topic blather to find what I am looking for. However, it seems that only some of the off-topic posts were deleted, while many posts completely oblivious to the topic at hand were left in. Posts that had nothing to do with the build itself, but opinions based on the method of how the build was leaked.

This kind of stuff is what I was hoping to get away from when I came to rootzwiki. I had high hopes that rootzwiki would be a great and fair place for developers and Android enthusiasts alike. I still do. Please don't become DroidForums. The thread in question wasn't long, and it wasn't obscene or anything like that. I just don't see why the thread wasn't locked and left as it was, or that all threads that were off-topic deleted. Instead, only some off topic threads were deleted. I really hope Rootzwiki isn't censoring threads to push their own agenda. I know none of us really enjoy threads like this, but, again, I really don't want to see this forum turn into DF. I really want this forum to be the go-to forum for myself and many others, and I think it has been off to a great start as well!

*EDIT* Also, when I say the thread was becoming off topic, that includes my posts as well. My posts had nothing constructive to say about the build itself, but were talking about how the build was acquired. Basically I was supporting R2Does and not agreeing with P3. I fully understand why my posts were deleted, and, in a way, expected them to be.
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To be honest, I dont mind so much the mod's actually doing their jobs as long as its in such a way as to keep the threads clean and flame free. I am hoping this site gets to be better and larger than one I shall not name, where the majority of the users feel they are "entitled" to demand what ever they want from the devs who put in their time and work to give us what we have.
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