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Three bugs in the Epic 4G Touch

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After using the Epic 4G Touch for the better part of a week now, there's three fairly major bugs I've noticed, which are making me reconsider this device:

  • This bug which has been well documented since May, and its cause found in June, is present in the Epic 4G Touch. Most notable in that it causes Google Goggles to loop when trying to enable the saving of Search History, and therefore enable the new background mode.
  • Long-pressing the Menu key does not show/hide the keyboard. My hypothesis is that this is a carry-over from the i9100's lack of a search key, and that the Menu key press launches the Search app on i9100 instead.
  • Wired headset control buttons do nothing. On every other Android device I've used, both stock and third-party firmwares, the headset control button always plays/pauses music, skips the current track, and in calls either ends the call or mutes the microphone. On the Epic 4G Touch, it does nothing at all. The only response I've been able to get from it is that long-pressing the control button for several seconds launches the Voice Control app (Samsung's reskin of Vlingo). Apps which are supposed to intercept button presses (such as Headset Droid) do not detect the button presses, nor do they detect any application which may be causing conflicts. Freezing the Voice Control app does not have any effect, either.

To be honest, the third bug is a deal-breaker for me. It means that there is zero way to control music playback on the device when not using a bluetooth headset, or turning on the screen, unlocking the phone, and opening the playing app. Given that the chances of CyanogenMod being ported to the device are increasingly faint (largely due to the RIL used in Samsung CDMA devices which the CM developers have repeatedly cited as "retarded", ergo why the original Epic 4G hasn't received official support), the solution has to come from Samsung in the form of an OTA. If there isn't a fix planned soon for these bugs (with a promised ETA of under a month), I'd like to know so I can go ahead and get my money back for this device.

EDIT: And to head off the usual: Yes, I have tried factory resets, wiping data for certain apps, etc. etc. etc., none of that works. It's flaws in the official ROM.
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Steady Hawkin said:
Lets also not forget about the LOS bug :(
don't you mean S.O.L. ...? :-/ haha
So, i bought this, LOVE IT!!!! but i ride a motorcycle and this crap pisses me off. You know though, the fact that it works with the long press, and pushes into voice control, is a good sign. until your post i didn't even know that it recognized the headset controls.

So we'll have to root this sucker to get the full potential out of it... surprise surprise :-o

Are there any rooted gsII that have headset controls that work?
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