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[TIP] [GUIDE] How to force 3G

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So you may be like me, in an area that has limited 3G coverage and abundant 1x coverage. That may be great, if you don't like using anything data related on your phone...

I've been playing around with the dialer code menus on the Epic today and came across a very helpful toggle to disable the 1x connection and force the phone on 3G! The best part is that the device still sends and recevies calls and texts while in this forced 3G mode!

Anyway, for this to work you need 2 things;

Your phone's MSL number (follow this if you don't have it)

And some free time to test to see if it works.

After you get your MSL (it's handy to keep it written down for future stuff...) go to the dialer and enter ##debug# or ##33284# and a menu asking for the MSL will pop up, enter it in and scroll down to "others" then "HDR/1x selection"

After that, set the system to "EVDO only mode", hit "ok", then press back till you're back on the home screen. You now have forced 3G only on your Epic!

Note: the signal bars may act strange for a while, especially in places of low signal. This is normal as the radio now can't sense the fallback 1x mode so signal coverage, while faster, may be spottier...
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