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Bricked-Installer v0.2

No more fiddling with fastboot/console tools.
This is a 100% guided install.


Fully automated install
Install of ANY kernel zip as long as there are modules + a boot.img in there :)
Detecting your phone
Flashing is device specific to the device you have connected. (safer)
No matter where you are (fastboot/recovery/booted) you can just launch this installer and go!
Built using Qt from zero
I made it opensource (GPLv2), so everyone can pull it and make improvements :)
Multi-platform (If someone has a mac, build it & give me the file so I can add it.)
Autoupdater (from version 0.2 forward, so you can test this new feature with the release of 0.3 )
Automatic cache erase from fastboot
Supported Devices:

Currently only the HTC One X.
More to come (+zImage install) soon.
Changelog @

No Guarantees! If it kills your grandmother or your device, I am NOT responsible! If you understand this:
(If you download, please hit Thanks below my post! Thank you!)

*v0.2* [WINDOWS] Click me
*v0.2* [LINUX] Click me
Where to complain about errors/bugs?

Please use the Issuetracker for bugs/errors/feature wishes!
Issuetracker @

[email protected]
IRC Chat: Freenode IRC #bricked

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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