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[Tool] Liberty Customizer - A Run-Though

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Ok I seem to be seeing some confusion on what is and is not included in Liberty.. While the default base is mostly an AOSP like experience, Blur can be added back with just a few simple few clicks...

Really with the Customizer you can really make Liberty into whatever you want, when it comes to combinations of Blur and AOSP...

More apps can and will be added to the Customizer based on requests which can be requested in this thread...

I am also true believer in the fact that a picture is worth a 1,00 words so I am going to allow screenshots to the the rest of the talking from here on out

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is the customizer included in Liberty 3.0? for Droid2?
I would like to see the battery manager added to the customizer.

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Before switching to this ROM I was using the Atrix camera, which seemed much snappier and with better color than the blur camera included in the customizer here. I can't seem to find any way to just add the Atrix camera in myself, so please consider an upgraded blur camera app for the next release.

tl;dr : Would like updated blur camera added if possible
What about the Theme Manager that is mentioned in the 2nd post of the main ROM thread? I purchased the donate version, see the option, but it doesn't appear to be working correctly and/or I'm mucking something up.
So if I select Blur Home for the launcher, does that make the rom look more like Blur than AOSP? Does anyone have pictures/ videos of this in action?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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