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[Toolkit] Moto X Dev Edition Only for MAC OSX v2.02

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Back by popular demand...

I have had some people asking for links for my previously deleted toolkit.

So I have decided to revamp the toolkit for dev edition devices only. (Currently only supporting GSM dev (AT&T and T-Mobile) and VZW Dev)

With this toolkit you will be able to the following...
1) Root your device (unlock bootloader, install TWRP, install superSU)
2) Unroot your device
3) Return to stock
4) Debloat (google, moto, vzw stuff)
5) Activate mobile hotspot (VZW only)
6) reboot (recovery, bootloader, device)
7) Customize (bootanimation, bootlogo, ringtones, notifications)

How to use
1) Click download below
2) Extract zip file
3) Turn you phone on
4) Make sure USB debugging is enabled
5) Plug your phone into the computer.
6) Run moto_x_mac_tools.tool

See attachments...

Moto X Toolkit v2.02

Change Log
v2.01 - Fixed some bugs with restoring back to stock, removed ReadWrite status (with dev edition this status is not needed)
v2.02 - Added downgrade from 4.4.2 to 4.4
- When returning to stock, or downgrading, USER DATA will be erased (no longer an option)
- There are only 2 variants of the dev edition so I changed to Verizon and GSM

Please do not redistribute/mirror this toolkit. If you would like to link it in any other thread, please include a link back to this thread, give proper credit.

As with anything you will find on XDA, I am not responsible for anything that occurs to your phone or computer by using this toolkit.

DHacker29 / Hashcode - TWRP
Chainfire - SuperSU
imnuts - VZW tether
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Will this allow me to revert from kit kat to jelly bean? I have had no luck doing it with anything else.

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Will this allow me to revert from kit kat to jelly bean? I have had no luck doing it with anything else.

Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
Yes! Just select restore to stock and select 4.2.2. It will download the the factory image files and then flash them. Just follow the on screen instructions. Let me know if you have any other questions.

And by the way. This is the camera update 4.2.2.


Thanks, hopefully I can try it out soon. Really want to get this phone rooted soon lol.

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I tried to automate the rooting process for consumer devices the best I could.

I have not tested it since I do not have a consumer device.

But it will give you step by step instructions on how to do the SlapMyMoto process.
I am trying to use this on my Moto X dev edition. I did the bootloader unlock but I think it's not right. I can't flash any recoveries. I looked at the bootloader screen and it says bootloader unlocked but it has a status of 3 instead of 1.

Any ideas?
it took a few flashes but its working now!
Will this work on my 2013 Moto X Dev Edition with Android 4.4.4?

Thank you!
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