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Hello Rootzwiki and All fans and Supporters:

Touchdroid is glad to bring you the first and only working FULL TOUCHSCREEN SUPPORT! SPECIAL THANKS GO TO FLEMMARD ON THE TEAM! FOR LONG HARD WORK!

This has turned into a large group effort over at #touchdroid and our private members. I am very glad to see things going well. And, I want to thank everyone involved.

-1st rule is no ETA's!
There is no ETA. There never will be. So, do not ask. Why? Because we have no idea ourselves.*

-Will we give status updates?
No. We have no plans to give public status updates until something is wroth saying and/or showing. If we do it will be on via RootzWiki. I may also give occasional updates via twitter @rhcp011235 and @HPTouchDroid

-What doesn't work?
Everything except basic booting + working touchscreen which was #1 and we got full 10 finger touchscreen.

Please keep this thread clean. It will be moderated and dealt with accordingly.

NEW CLEAR VIDEO: Thanks to fnj


Special Thanks and Credits: fnj00 for hosting and his amazing video talent and editing :) , Flemmard for his amazing touchscreen work,
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