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"Ozzmuss said:
I am not sure why people think a picture of the box makes it real or not. I have 10 32gb 1 64gb 2 16gb all new and in the box. I sell HP for a living on the business side not consumer side. I was able to work a deal with the largest us distributor and they shipped me the units on Monday. They are in my office but I am out of town on business until Friday so I am not jumping through hoops to get pictures. The 64gb was 1 of 3 the distributor had and in fact there were only 200 in the USA. I was lucky to get 1. I tried to get 50 32gb but was only able to secure my 10 :-(

I have had a16gb in hand since early June as a dealer demo. My opinion is the o/s is much better than others and if someone could run android in a webs window... This thing would quicly come back to life. The hardware is a yawner ( except maybe the 64gb 1.5ghz model) there is just nothing that makes it stand out but it is a solid tpad.

Inside scoop on why they dropped it from someone at HP. The palm employees could not make a transition to HP and the new CEO told them to stop making excuses and get the product on track or else. Their response was HP spent 1billion on Palm they will not kill it.... Guess what! The HP CEO means what he says no matter what the cost. If I worked for HP I would buckle down or sharpen my resume.
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