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imaximax1 said:
Im getting one of these, and just thought i'd drop it here, for other people.

im not entirely sure it will work, will post when i get it (im from australia, not sure when i will)

Yes its for an ipad (one), which is basically the same size (0.8mm thinner or something). i reckon i can get it to work on WebOS, bluetooth is pretty simple. Any one else use something simular?

This was the cheapest one, and it had 450mA batter (some only had 250), AND it had apostrophie in the right position (some didnt) BUT if your interested here are some others (so full view

and this one for galaxy tab (if your intersted)
So did you ever get one of these and if so how did it work out?
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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