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Major Information (You need to know about this!)

What is Cyanogenmod for the TouchPad?
Cyanogenmod is a project that is geared at making your TouchPad compatible with the Android software that is on many smartphones and tablets today. Currently there is a release out for the TouchPad, but the alpha is very buggy, and may not be safe for new users.

How do I install Cyanogenmod for my TouchPad?
Click on the installation link below to begin reading on how to install Cyanogenmod.
Cyanogenmod Alpha 2a installation instructions

Help! I've been getting this screen of death issue I've been hearing about!
Well, good news that it has already been fixed for the 3rd Alpha Release, so now you have 2 options, you can wait for the 3rd alpha, or apply the patch now.
Working SoD Fix

Some of my favorite apps like, dolphin browser, or app, or derp aren't in the market for installation!
This is caused because of how the TouchPad and it's resolution is set up, some apps only have support for large devices and smaller, meanwhile the TouchPad is an extra large device. Do not fear though, because a fix has been made!
Market Enabler for TouchPad

Minor Information (You can slide by without knowing this stuff)

I'm just plain interested on what you guys are doing.
Most of the internet is, that why a list has been complied in the link below
Build Progress

Why do the preloaded wallpapers on the android image for the TouchPad have a low resolution?
Most because the wallpapers are meant for low resolution devices. To apply sharp images, there's a thread for that.
How to apply sharp images for the HP TouchPad resolution

Is there anyway to change the boot animation for the start up screen?
Yes, there is a way.
Boot Animations

What apps are compatible with the HP TouchPad?
Here is a list of apps that shows compatibility

Help! Dead Space looks funny with the powervr edition!
Well, I can help you with this one. You're gonna need to follow the instructions below.
Installing Dead Space on TouchPad with powervr plugins

Derp, what games work with the TouchPad?
Games that work on TouchPad

Got any links you think that should be added? PM me, thanks!

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CyanogenMod - (A Project that goal is to be able to dual-boot android and webOS)

What currently works:
COMPLETE Wifi (Fixed 10/9)
COMPLETE Camera (Fixed 10/7)
COMPLETE Touchstone Support (Fixed 10/6)
COMPLETE Power Management (Fixed 10/4)
COMPLETE Clockwork Recovery (Fixed 9/30)
COMPLETE Battery Reporting (Fixed 9/29)
COMPLETE Fake SD card Mount (Fixed 9/26)
COMPLETE Vibration (Fixed 9/26)
COMPLETE Bluetooth (Fixed 9/24)
COMPLETE Dual CPU Processor (Fixed 9/23)
COMPLETE Fast Switch Boot
COMPLETE Booting into Android
COMPLETE ADB commands via ADB
COMPLETE Power, back/home and volume button layout
COMPLETE Touchscreen support (Multi-touch, 10 fingers)
COMPLETE GPU Acceleration (50/50 2D Accel support, just like any other gingerbread device out there)
COMPLETE Accelerometer
COMPLETE Backlight (Confirmed in IRC)
COMPLETE LED (Confirmed in IRC)
COMPLETE Multiboot (Confirmed in IRC)
COMPLETE Light Sensor (Confirmed in IRC)
COMPLETE Accessing webOS files from Android and vice versa
PARTIALLY Compass (Bugs need to be worked out)

What does not currently work:
See issues below

What's currently being worked on:
Bugs and Issues, see below.

What can possibly work:
HDMI through Micro USB (The System-on-a-Chip has the required hardware, have to find which pin #) (webOS 3.0.4 may have HDMI support, and if so we can reverse engineer the process, stay tuned)
GPS (Does not seem possible to implement because hardware seems to be lacking GPS functionality)


Open Issues
Fixed Issues

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dbisgod said:
I was wondering if there were any videos with the dual boot and how that will work. Also will there be any chance of Rom manager working?
There are no videos of dual booting at the moment, but it should work through the moboot bootloader. Also a ROM manager should work for this device.

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In the development thread:
fattire said:
tethering works (i can connect to my phone like any other AP)
touchstone works. Put it on and the battery electricity "charging" icon comes on.
So it looks like they have Touchstone firing off an event showing that it is charging, just not doing the fancy-"each touchstone can make your Touchpad do something different"

I know they are not going to release until they are ready....but it looks like their CM7 Touchpad is working better than a stock Touchpad without multiple Homebrew patches and overclocking ;-)

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Jonpry had said something about video overlay yesterday... sounds like it's still not happy, and at this point it appears that the camera progress is tied to the video overlay... they're not certain if the camera's working right because the overlay isn't playing the output right.

Also, seems like there's an issue when playing video portrait vs horizontal... sounded like Horizontal worked a bit better than in portrait... meaning it didn't work at all in portrait... (unfortunately, I missed part of this conversation while putzing with a computer...)
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