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Ok, here are some finished working files, and please this is my first contribution to the community,so please be easy on me :).

Credit: BAMF team for the awesome roms they put out.
Transformers movie: inspiration :)

Again, I am learing after effects, this started as a project to see how well AE would work for making boot animations. Unfortunately my idea was beyond my current abilities, so the animation itself is a template, with some slight modification's by me. The rest is mine.

Flash in recovery, seems I had to wipe cache first, not sure if needed, but had problems when I didnt.

OK, here are some first versions of the working files. I have 2 versions, one with sound and one without.

So far these are GB only, only due to where the update script places the files. I will create a Froyo one later.

These are on my dropbox, anyone who wants to mirror, feel free.

Bootanimation without sound:

Bootanimation with sound:

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Any way to get this without the "das bamf roms" header, just the Transform your phone? I dont run sense/bamf (aosp for me) but this is ABSOLUTELY killer! Me likes very much.

Thunderbolt..... RootzWiki.... blah blah blah
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