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searayman said:
Can some one post me some easy to follow instructions to help me go from cm7 bacack to liberty 0.9?

Some details:

I am on ubuntu linux
android 2.3.4
kernal: [email protected] #1
If you have the tbh app, you can download their all-in-one to get to stock(rooted) gingerbread. From there, you can flash liberty. This will allow you to do everything without the need for your computer.
Note: I've had no luck with the deodexed all-in-one, but I've heard the odexed all-in-one works.

If you'd rather sbf, you gotta sbf back to froyo, then root using z4root, install droid 2 bootstrapper, then run the rooted gb update zip from tbh available at

Instructions for sbf from linux
Link to mydroidworld for sbf route. Use method 2

If the all-in-one doesn't work (if you have the tbh app), then you'll be forced to use the sbf method.

Hope that helps..
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