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Twrp 2 Themer's Builds For Htc Sensation 4G And Htc Evo 3D

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As a Thanksgiving gift, we're pleased to release the TWRP 2 Themer's Builds for HTC Sensation 4G and HTC EVO 3D.

What is a "Themer's Build"? This means the build has been stripped of it's abilities to modify the device. For people who wish to create themes, it would become tiresome if they had to keep wiping their devices, flashing new ROMs, doing Nandroid backups and restores, etc. Instead, these builds will "simulate" them, by doing progress bar motions for 5 or 10 seconds (depending on the operation). This should give theme designers a solid ability to play with the theme engine, and everyone a preview of the TWRP 2.0 GUI in action...

How do I make a theme? Download the sample theme below, and install it in "/sdcard/TWRP/theme/" on your device. When you restart recovery, this file will be used instead of the default theme.

Nothing is coming up when recovery starts with my custom theme? adb shell into the recovery, and check out "/tmp/recovery.log", you've got an XML parsing error (most likely).

Download theme builds and samples here:
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Wow this seems like a great idea..sadly I don't have a Sensation or Evo 3D to play with
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Don't worry, as we get closer, all supported devices will also have theme builds available.
Well hot damn, this is really cool! Thanks for this. Got it up and running, and themed! Ill post a beta theme up later

"beta" until at least it's released and fully working on the official build

Thank you and all of team win for the hard work!!

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