The usual phone/tablet marching orders for many of our readers is simple: get the device, unlock the bootloader if possible, root it, flash a custom recovery and flash a ROM. Things got a little jumbled with the Android Wear watches, especially the G Watch. Although the bootloader has been unlockable from the beginning, this time the first custom ROM came out before the recovery for LG's smartwatch. Nonetheless, as of Friday the popular TWRP custom recovery has made its way to both the G Watch and Samsung's Gear Live.

If you have chubby fingers you might have some trouble with this one unless you happen to rock a stylus. In addition to the diminutive size of the watch screen itself, TWRP doesn't even take up the full space available. The LG G Watch is 280x280 pixels while the Samsung Gear Live is 320x320, but the TWRP screen is only 240x240 for both watches. I've seen this before with phones, but it always gets sorted out eventually. Still, chubby digits and small watch-sized screens are a difficult pairing at best.

In any event, if you check out the flashing instructions for the G Watch and the Gear Live you'll see an Android app install method and a recovery image install method. Until TWRP Manager is released for either of the watches, I think it's safe to assume you'll need to use the recovery image method. You'll need to unlock the bootloader (instructions here), download the recovery image from the TWRP website page for your device and flash the image using the instructions on the aforementioned page. Now all we need is a .zip to flash.

Source: TWRP (G Watch) (Gear Live), h/t Android Police