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ssethv said:
So I am unable to restore ANY nandroids at all... When I try to, I get the error message.

Unable to run Process system (or something similar to that message....) it gives me the option to 'wait' or 'Force Close' and niether option will work. the screen just stays frozen and results in a battery pull!!!

I have spent countless hrs at XDA, but people there are for the most part not interested in helping to much unless your post count is over 500 IMO ;) I also have seeked help from Android Central (not that it matters but I have almost 1300 posts there and people tend to jump on an issue quicker) and no one can give me an answer there either... does anyone know why this would be happening? I have reformatted and wiped everything over and over... I am at a loss...

I am able to at least Flash a new ROM from scratch but it is a HUGE pain in the butt to not be able to rely on a nandroid... If ANYONE can help me with this, It would be greatly appreciated... and I will spread the word... alot of people have been running into this problem and If I can help them I want to.

I really love this site and have the Free version on my phone untill payday tomorrow... keep on rockin everybody. thank you
Have you actually rebooted into recovery and tried a restore from there instead of using the app?

Also make sure there are no spaces in the backup's name. That has caused a lot of people a lot of grief in the past.

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