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And here is the CWM- based recovery to go with your UNLOCKED Photon 4G thanks to another XDA member "romracer" (yet again I take zero credit for this I'm just passing it on)

Original XDA thread:

romracer said:
This is a modified CWM-based recovery for the Motorola Photon 4G. It is based on my own custom code forked from the CyanogenMod team's recovery. The major changes I have made include full support for dual SD cards, support for webtop partitions (SD card and internal) and changes to Nandroid backup/restore for this phone's additional partitions.

Some highlights include:
  • Dual SD card support
  • ADB support
  • USB Mass Storage support
  • Nandroid additions/changes
  • ext3 formatting
  • Probably others

This recovery is only for UNLOCKED devices. It is intended to be flashed directly to the recovery partition.

UNLOCKED users can flash this recovery using:
moto-fastboot devices<br />
<br />
moto-fastboot erase recovery<br />
<br />
moto-fastboot flash recovery recovery-photon1.2.img
$ moto-fastboot devices<br />
TA20700KXH      fastboot<br />
<br />
$ moto-fastboot erase recovery<br />
            erasing 'recovery'... OKAY [  0.741s]<br />
<br />
$ moto-fastboot flash recovery recovery.img<br />
  sending 'recovery' (4780 KB)... OKAY [  0.490s]<br />
            writing 'recovery'... OKAY [  0.544s]
Orange / ZIP version.
MD5 0da1dc3f5f17e6aabc3fcbf0f714dd9b / 27beb66e539e7d592da16288dca2fd37
Cyan / ZIP version.
MD5 af604d49107f1b1ea57b618c9fdaf96c / 2c51296daa9b267feaeb3d9b65bb1520
Light green / ZIP version.
MD5 db26190096712fe5926513525fd0b25e / d0eb1d7143cf695fcba19f4c31bf2cf9
Dark green / ZIP version.
MD5 662b05466b8c12ccc3fa9f65dcbf56a8 / 430c95bdfee20937bc5a8cc41f47b73b
Blue / ZIP version.
MD5 aacf95f805c0ff781ef4c7613898f210 / d1411663270aa0b8efa981ed98c8205b
Red / ZIP version.
MD5 26ca2016d67b38bd018f3627ea3babc9 / 87e9b50553ef78ff540c12b7de1d6b85

Original ROM Manager/CWM installable zip thanks to SolidHelix. You must still be UNLOCKED and have already applied at least one version of this recovery via fastboot to use them.

Source is here.

A few notes:
  • The "osh" partition is webtop. It is the largest by far and will take some time to backup. Nandroid is not frozen!
  • The "sd-ext" partition is an ext2/3 partition on your external SD card. Veterans will know this as apps2sd and data2sd from other phones. I am not aware of any use of this partition on this phone yet.

Thanks to:
  • Koush and the CM team for CWM
  • Calkulin for pointing out the kernel
  • Everyone who has made unlocking the Photon possible
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