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CM9 with working camera

Download link:
Starting from 20121217 official nightly there's no need to install any patches - all is included.

Camera controls & rotation fix for official nightly since 20121209-20121216:

Camera update for official nightly since 20121118 - 20121202:

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What is working:
- preview
- taking pictures
- video recording
- Skype

Known issues:
- preview aspect ratio

Reporting issues:
- if you're running nightly older than 20121118 upgrade it to the latest one
- don't report issues with apps other than stock Camera and Skype
- yes, I know, the preview aspect ratio is wrong
- provide the date of the nightly you are using
- provide information if camera works under Web-OS
- please provide the system log (logcat) from system start and camera app start

first release, taking pictures work, skype does not work, reboot required after closing the camera app to be able to take pictures again, blue screen

skype works, no reboot required after closing camera app, blue screen, regression stock camera app may not take pictures

fixed stock camera app in preview2

stock camera app controls fixed, broken skype

fixed skype in preview4

working video recording

added EXIF tag with date & time to the pictures
updated audio & video drivers, updated nfs kernel modules,
added touch pressure patch and magnetometer fix

rotation fixed in stock Camera app

recording resolution is 640x480 now

libcamera from source

no more 3:1 memory split, update for official nightly

no more blue screen

potential segfaults fixed

freeze & reboot issue fixed

Sources repository:
ICS camera wrapper:
CM9 patch scripts:

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3rd Party compatibility (alphabetical order):

Camera MX - rotated preview
Camera ZOOM MX - rotated preview
Cartoon Camera - rotated preview
Google Hangouts - working
ICS Camera - rotated preview (until first picture)
Line Camera - rotated preview
LOMO Camera - not working
Magic Hour Free - not working
Nemus Camera - rotated preview
Paper Camera - rotated preview
Pudding Camera - rotated preview
Skype - working
uCam Ultra Camera - video recording crashes

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Lalalalala love this shit hopefully a complete 100% working Rom on the way
Wondering if there is anyway I can incorporate this fix inside of the aokp /cm9 remix from 9/24

If anyone has an idea throw them out to me

Btw flashed and loveit

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There's still much work to do but we're much closer to have it fully working than before.
Flashed it. Worked like a charm. The precautions in the OP are on point, so it didn't behave in an unexpected way - i.e. I had to reboot to get back into the camera. All that said it felt GREAT to finally be able to take a photo with our little orphan child. Photo quality is great as well. Even though I didn't do any of the work on this I'm wearing a stupid, "I told you so" grin. Gotta say it again - the developers, who do this in their spare time, and unpaid, are simply superb!!! Thanks guys.

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congratulations are in order dorregaray! I have been feeling your pain as I've been keeping an
eye on your progress . it's been a long hard road, but you stuck with it, and now all of our lives will be complete because of your unstoppable awesomeness!

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Ok, gave it a shot..

It does work as Mr. D said.. but it will now work after you exit app.

I tried the kill app, force close, etc.. NG.

After reboot, I got BSD 2 times, in recovery now.. But It sure does work... Great Job Mr. D!
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