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Right firstly - I'm not a Rom Porter at all...i use linux only as a basic/intermediate user. This is placed in Dev forum as hopefully it can be developed by us...and maybe help some of us learn a little

But i am looking for a bit of guidance

I used - dsixda's HTC Android Kitchen From this XDA Thread

I noticed that an option that said "Rom Porting" thought i would try this out as a basis to start.

The way it seems to work is you choose a rom that currently works on your device and then choose the rom that you want to port - it does some stuff (technical word) and hey presto it works.

So i chose the great CM7 (nightly 50) which works perfect on my Incredible S

Then I got OMGB for Incredible 2 - thought this would work as they are basically the same device.

Ive found that once i wiped the phone, date/cache etc ... i now have no signal ... i did when i installed without wiping the phone -

probably to do with the whole wcdma radio i would assume. or the network settings as its gonna be for North America and not UK.

So this is something im going to be looking into - just as small project - I'm testing on my own phone

Will slowly be looking at various problems as i see them or as I find help to fix -

Hoping this will become a little Incredible S community project - help from Devs would be appreciated!

All credit goes to -




Ok - i managed to get signal and 3G on o2 UK - just a case of editing the build.prop file (from what i can tell) - used CM7 build.prop to compare.

Edit - god mode won't work as inc S isn't officially supported.. Will aim to remove this apk


So i removed the God Mode apk - and rom stats -

I also experimented at replacing settings.apk with the one from CM7 - works...but does FC on wireless and network settings - I will keep it in the .zip just for documentation

But i did have signal but no 3G as i couldnt configure APN - doh!

So settings is still Work in Progress


also have this one - this one doesnt FC - does have God Mode and Rom Stats removed


I also have to always enter my apn details - does anyone know where these are stored in a rom - so i can put service provider settings in the rom automatically

The below picture is what needs to be taken out - and an option for 3g or GSM



I have also noted that without GodMode installed the power notification widget isnt on the phone

So i have included Notification Toggle - to give users that power widget - atleast until i figure out how to include the native one

Still looking at tidying the mobile settings up - but appears to be working, i will run this rom now for a day or so - see what errors come

Works so far - Im just putting these as i come across them and use the features

Calls and SMS
Data/sync - After setup correct apn - GSM/WCDMA preferred selected
Market - download and installed apps
GoogleTalk - with video chat - works
GPS and Google Maps - works
Camera - Works
Torch - Works
Theme Chooser - Works
HTC Handsfree - works but not the buttons
Music Player - works
FM Radio - right this is weird - the radio works BUT it enables bluetooth to work :s
Todo -

the settings need to be changed slightly... To remove the vzw radio stuff
Up the OC Daemon to 1.5ghz - cant find the daemon on pc - but can on phone - how to edit?

If anyone is trying this

Wipe all data/factory reset etc
ROM has errors if installed over other ROMS

Android Apprentice
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Thanks - im glad you dont mind -

I'm hoping this'll turn out into a small community project and that this is just a base for people to start

Im gonna remove the the God Mode apk and need to look at the network settings as im able to select radios that the IncS doesnt have.

Should just be 2g or 3g...we'll see
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