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This package will totally reset your t839 Sidekick 4G to UVKG2. For windows, The Open-Source libUSB Heimdall drivers are different from from the closed source and proprietary Samsung drivers, so you must install drivers if prompted. Linux and Mac are standard installs.

This is a total wipe package. Your device will end up as a factory-fresh unit with UVKG2.

This package includes:
  • Repartitioning: Repartition to stock KG2
  • SBL
  • SBL2
  • Kernel
  • Recovery
  • FactoryFS
  • DataFS
  • Modem
  • Cache

This package does not wipe:
  • EFS(Where your serial number and carrier information is stored)
  • SDCard (where your pictures are stored)
You may use this code to reformat the Data and SDCard *2767*3855# There is no way to do this from Download Mode. The code will leave the EFS untouched.

Download Total Stock UVKG2

One-Click Package Size: 266.6MB

  1. Get the latest version of java here:
  2. Put your phone into "Download Mode"
  3. Run the program once, and if it does not work, then check the "Flash Bootloaders" checkbox and flash again

Your device will end up as it came from the factory. You will be asked to set your device up again.

Create your own One-Clicks:

Please note at the time of this post, this is the only TRUE full flash available for this device.
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