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Valorant account for sale

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What actions does Valorant take to discourage and prevent the unauthorized sale or transfer of player accounts in the game? What measures are in place to detect and take action against individuals or platforms involved in the illicit sale of Valorant accounts? How does Valorant protect players from potential scams or fraudulent activities associated with purchasing or acquiring accounts from third-party sources? Are there any penalties or consequences for players found engaging in the buying or selling of Valorant account for sale? Additionally, what steps does Valorant recommend to players to secure their accounts and avoid falling victim to account-related scams or unauthorized transactions?
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Here are few measures:

  1. Choose a secure password.
  2. Use a password manager.
  3. Protect your email account.
  4. Log off in shared spaces.
  5. Don't share your Valorant account.
  6. Beware of phishing attempts.
Valorant Closed Beta just started and some might be tempted to buy an account to play the game. Riot confirmed that this is forbidden and could very easily get you a red flag.Apr 9, 2020
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