Normally you don't hear "Verizon" and "fast Android update" in the same sentence, but it seems that Big Red is poised to update its Moto X variant to KitKat mere weeks after Google released it. In what may be a regular feature of the "new" Motorola under Google ownership, soak test invites have already gone out to some Verizon Moto X owners inviting them to try out KitKat.

When soak test invites go out, public release is usually imminent (the last time soak test invites went out, Verizon released the update to the public within a day). In fact, Verizon's Moto X could beat the Nexus 4 and Google Play Edition phones to the punch (at least as far as official OTAs are concerned).

In addition to the imminent update to Verizon's Moto X, there is already a leaked build of KitKat for the AT&T variant, not to mention the various custom ROMs out there. If you have rooted your Verizon Moto X, be warned: Verizon's last OTA patched the first root method for the phone, and this time you may be unable to get root back. The reason is that KitKat comes with SELinux set to "enforcing" mode by default, which in combination with a locked bootloader and the dm-verity security feature could make it impossible to root the Moto X. UPDATE: at least one source has told me that root is still possible on the Verizon Moto X, even with the KitKat update, though no method has been posted as of the time of this writing. Also, in light of this update I'd say my colleague Mike Lewis's article about dm-verity hype being overblown FUD still holds. Consequently, you might want to forgo the OTA and wait for a custom KitKat ROM to be built for Verizon's variant.

via Droid Life