Tech bloggers and Big Red haters once again expressed outrage over an inability to get a 4G sim card for a new tablet account on Verizon Wireless, to use the Nexus 7 4G tablet. However, their anger was unfortunately misplaced. Verizon quickly assured those folks the Nexus 7 4G tablet was currently being tested on their network and would be approved soon. This unfortunate episode did highlight Verizon’s antiquated system to bring third party devices to Big Red and have them work properly.

For the most part I am happy being a Verizon Wireless customer. They have a strong presence everywhere I need to be and I cannot remember the last time a call dropped on Big Red’s network. Their customer service staff does a good job in addressing issues by and large.

However the proof is in the pudding where they fail. The top two Verizon flaws are the usability of their disaster of a website and the iron fist they bring to lock down their network. I am going to focus on the latter as it has become quite bothersome to me.

If you are an AT&T or T-Mobile customer you can buy an unlocked GSM smartphone, and as long as it works with either carrier’s frequencies, you can add it to their network. Verizon does not allow any phones (or tablets) on it’s network, that the company has not approved. So Verizon customers are stuck with whatever phones that Verizon wants to force feed them.

So why is this a bad thing? Because while your friends on AT&T and T- Mobile are enjoying inexpensive Nexus devices (with the exception of the Galaxy Nexus) or Google Edition phones, Verizon Wireless customers are not so lucky. Some of the phones Verizon offers are bastardized to the determent of their customers.

While I don’t think Verizon Wireless was out to stick it their customers in regards to the Nexus 7 debacle, this event certainly cast light on one of Verizon’s biggest shortfalls – from a customer’s perspective. So what is so wrong with having a hardware choice beyond what Verizon has to offer? While Big Red will argue security, I have not seen where security is an issue for either AT&T or T-Mobile?

So what do you think about this debacle? What is so wrong with having a hardware choice beyond what Verizon Wireless has to offer? Please leave your comment in the comment section below.