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I dont know if anyone saw this but there tiered data plans rolling out July 7th are absolutely insane. 30 dollars a month for 2GB 50 for 5GB its crazy. Because of this i have a question and dont know if anyone has any knowledge about it.

Us Cellular is by far the best carrier in my area, where i live you will never drop a call on USC u will on occasion with verizon but i like verizons android phones alot better. USC is starting to get some decent phones but still verizon's are much better.

Is there anyway to get a verizon droid activated on a uscellular network. I know i have had some friends do this back in the day with basic talk txt phones but i am not sure with the smart phone. I know they both use the same radios and all that for 3g and voice but is there a good way to either trick them into doing it or whatever
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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