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Well, this has been a long time coming, so I'm going to just get right to it.

Without further ado, I give you a video of me installing CM7 on my DX and booting it up!

So this leaves a lot of questions! Such as what works and what doesn't! From what I could tell by playing around with it, the following definitely work: Radio, Wifi, USB, Charging, various sensors, lights, vibration, standard bluetooth. The following MAY or MAY NOT work (unable to tell for sure yet): GPS, 3G/data, camera, camcorder, bluetooth audio. And the following definitely do NOT work yet: audio (this includes phone calls, speakers, microphone, etc).

Essentially a lot of stuff works, but some of it may not be working because i have yet to finish libaudio for the DX. I am looking into some possible alternatives to completely rewriting the thing from source, but it may come down to that.

Note: this was done using my recently new-found-knowledge of 2nd-init, which I will describe later in a blog post (don't want to get into it here). This still runs on top of the original motorola kernel though. I repeat, the bootloader is still locked, and you are still forced into using moto's kernels, but that doesn't really prevent us from doing all that much.

I will be uploading more information over the evening and into tomorrow about how all of this works in-depth as well as what needs to be done to get a solid release on my blog ( I will be requiring testers in the near future (think early-to-mid this week), and I will be posting a thread here on RootzWiki for that (I will also post on my blog a link to the thread, as well as instructions).

Oh, and did i mention that I have made the CM4DX branch of CM almost entirely self-contained, meaning merging into the main CM tree will be a piece of ****ing cake? (oh yeah...there will be cake)

Peace out my friends!

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Now you make me want a Droid X. How does 2nd init work? I've heard of that somewhere on the CLIQ.....

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Unbelievable! Great work. I know that a lot of DX users will be dying for this.
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