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Out of respect for the GummyTeam I am not re-posting download links of GummyCharge on any other site. In the past I put out "How to Install GummyCharge" with download links even in the show notes. I am now directing all traffic here to rootzwiki. I hope I have understood the Teams wishes correctly while still getting the info out to those that need visuals like me.

Below are my show notes. Please help me to correct them if needed. I am looking for a link to the EP1 radios if anyone has it to share. Thanks...

Show Notes:

Droid Charge ROM Install GummyCharged Gingerbread 2.1 by

Warning: You may damage your phone! Complete this process at your own risk!

Video By: kraisydave from

I struggle sometimes reading through 40, 50 and even 60 posts through multiple websites to build my understanding of Android. I really appreciate the friendly atmosphere of the Androiders. In order to help cut down on questions and speed up the learning curve of those like me who need a visual aid, here is a video for you.

This video shows how to install the new GummyCharged Gingerbread 2.1 ROM. It is a super fast ROM for root users. Read all the show notes, watch the video, go to Rootzwiki and read the forums. Then after that try this out once you are confident. Do not miss any steps as a little one may cause your phone to get stuck. This video is for users who are already on GummyCharge Froyo 2.0.

I am not affiliated with TeamGummy. I am just a user trying to help out others. It is my understanding that TeamGummy wants all their stuff managed over on Rootzwiki, so you must follow the links to there for all the downloads and forum questions.

If this video helped and you care to show support then please hit the thank button and subscribe to my channel

Thanks for looking and I hope this helps.

My Previous Videos for the Droid Charge: (Took these off this post as it was beyond the limit)

Vid: GummyCharge Gingerbread 2.1

Here is the link to the TeamGummy Rootzwiki page...

Credit Goes to:
Primary Dev and project lead - Kejar31
Smali Guru - Primary Dev - Syaoran12
Kernel Dev - IMoseyON
Java Dev - Turlz
Official Artist - Daank
Official Themer - Gunnermike53
Forums support - Hazard209

I also want to put out a special thanks to IMNUTS (which CWM we are using in this release) for all his help

Donate to these guys! Help them to keep the ROMs coming!

While it is not needed, it is recommended that you install EP1W radios

Settings - About phone - Baseband version - look at the last three characters. There are 2 sets - as there are 2 modem/radios (CDMA, LTE).

Please Wipe Data regardless of what ROM you come from

Do not use themes from previous GBE releases you will get a bootloop

Install - CWM only:
Make sure you have root and Clockwork recovery installed
-boot into recovery via Recovery
-select "wipe data/factory reset"
-select advanced and "wipe Dalvik Cache"
-select "Yes - delete all data" for each one
-go back
-select "install zip from sdcard"
-select "choose zip from sdcard"
-find and select GummyCharged GBE 2.0
-let phone do its thing and then reboot
-if like me - pull battery once screen is dead
-put battery back and go into recovery
-find and select GummyCharge GBE 2.1
-let phone do its thing and then reboot
-if like me - pull battery once screen is dead
-put battery back and go into recovery
-select advanced and "wipe Dalvik Cache" (must do!)
-select "wipe data/factory reset" (skip this step unless the Dalvik wipe alone didn't fix the black screen issue)
-select "Yes - delete
-select "Yes - delete all data" for each one
-reboot and give the phone time as it will need to setup without interruption
-sign into google and begin to restore apps
-go into setting and tools to turn on preferred items like the battery %


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