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not sure when it was uploaded, but it was news to me:

quote from youtube:

Today we want to introduce you to "A CyanogenMod Experimental Installer", aka "ACME Installer". Once released, it will be a fairly simple and hopefully safe method to install CM to your Touchpad. The process is as simple as we could make it-- once you start ACME Installer, it does all the hard stuff.

In today's video, we take a fresh-from-the-box Touchpad, mount it to a Mac, create a folder called "cminstall" on the TouchPad, copy a "" file (containing CM7) into that folder, then use the "novacom" program to start ACME Installer. At that point, we sit back and watch the installation. A minute or so later, the TouchPad boots into Cyanogenmod 7. You can switch back to WebOS any time you like.

It's really that simple. Only three special files are needed to make it work:

1. ACME Installer - the installer itself.
2. novacom - a program from HP that is used to load and run the ACME Installer. "novacom" is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows computers.
3. A "" payload file. This file should be familiar if you have used cm7 before. It contains cyanogenmod itself.

When ACME Installer is released, we plan to include detailed, step-by-step written instructions on using it.
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