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Open up the Gtablet by removing the rubber pads on the back and unscrewing the screws seen. Then, using an iPod pry tool or flat screwdriver lift the casing snaps apart. Start at a corner and work your way through.

Now Unplug the battery, left speaker, and capacitive touch cables. Then go through and use a piece of copper braid on your finger or a grounding pad and ground out those connectors as well as surrounding capacitors (notice the two caps in the red box). *THIS IS A CRITICAL STEP*

Before putting the back on the tablet, throw the Tablet into AVX mode by pressing power and volume down. This will be the first test as to whether or not it worked.

Yays! We did it and did not have to break out the BusPirate to do JTAG!

If this does not help, you may have fried the code core, so you need to use a JTAG designed for ARM cores or that is ARM compatible to fix it. I am not going to post how to, because that is VERY advanced.
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