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Based on RUU 4.10.405.1 test-keys HTC Incredible S (VIVO)
Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwith)
3.0.16 HTC Stock
Virtuous Dev Team: Diamondback, Flemmard, seo, rmk, chrisch1974, eViL_Dee, mdj, cypis, cjward, tbalden
- Multilanguage
- Ultra Fast
- Improved EXT4 performance
- Improved animation performance
- Deodexed
- Busybox / Superuser
- Zipaligned
- Latest Maps
- Latest Market
- etc
- htc spy bloatware
- Teeter
- Adobe Reader (you can download it from Market)
- Some other HTC bloatware

First you should flash new firmware package

You must be perm rooted with and Clockwork Recovery installed (i.e. s-off).

Perform a nandroid backup of your current ROM, in case you change your mind or encounter issues.

If you are coming from another stock Sense ROM, you may not have to wipe data. I obviously recommend wiping data (since it will eliminate any possibly bad/stale configuration), but the update script will not do so automatically during installation. Use your best judgement to determine what works best for you.

Wipes are NOT required for any upgrade to/from any release with the same major version of the ROM; downgrades are a different story. Versioning schema is Major.Minor.Revision.

Apply the zip via Clockwork Recovery. It has not been tested with any other recovery.

Expect the first boot to take anywhere from 6-10 minutes. Subsequent reboots should be significantly quicker.

After initial install, allow a few minutes for all ROM-provided applications to appear. Some are installed post-boot using package manager.

Recommended radio:

Download ROM:
Known issues:
- you tell me
More Info:
Thanks: Football
Virtuous Home:
Virtuous Forum:

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A question here.. does the radio works in gb Rom? Scared after flash and Don like Ics, can't go back to gb Rom..

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Thanks for great work. Its awesome!

Will be tweaks for systemui?

Some bug reports ;
- Music don't stop after headphone unplugged. Its fatal for me

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Very cool ROM indeed.
Just what you expect from Team Virtuous.
First version & it is flawless...

Couple of questions-
any reason for the specified radio?
and would there be issues with .24 & .29 radios?
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