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Hi folks..

Ok, Since I've began rooting phones I've had a small issue.

I originally started out with a Samsung Craptivate, then picked up a HTC Aria as a backup phone and now currently use a HTC Inspire 3G.

During the initial root of my first phone I've some how managed to lose access to my normal ATT voicemail.

I do remember seeing some where that I would have to call ATT and have them set it back up for me, when I call it takes me to a inbox of sorts and says it does not have enough information to proceed.

So my questions are, how do I obtain my original ATT voicemail?

How did I originally lose it?

Like I said it's just a small issue and I was curious as to how the whole process worked and I cannot stand the poor quality of Google Voice.

Thanks. :wink2:
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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