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I am NOT responsible for what you do to your phone. If you understand what you're doing with your phone, feel free to browse the available customization's we have for our Galaxy Nexus. If you have any problems (soft or even hard bricks) with anything linked on this list. Post here or send me a PM and i'll remove it asap. Developers, if you see your work named here something other than what you want. Please PM me the current name of your work and it will be updated with the next update.

*Edit* 2/8/12 Today's update will be the start of what will be a major overhaul for this thread. I will be moving theme's, tweaks and mods that are ROM specific underneath the specific ROM for easier / more organized access to these. The themes / tweaks / mod will still be listed singular, but on post #2 for those of you who like that view. If you find a theme / tweak / mod out of place please let me know asap. Also if you see i'm missing a theme / tweak / mod that works for a specific ROM that I don't have listed under it. Please let me know asap so that I can keep this as organized as possible. I can't do this without support from the community!
2/14/12 Ok, so I promised a new layout for you guys, but here's my problem ... I can't think of a good way to lay this out for you. Listing ROM link, Tweaks, links, Mods, links, Theme's, links seems a little too generic for me. If someone knows HTML enough to help me with dropdown or a way to hide unless clicked. I'll use those. Just message me with the code, and i'll implement it asap. Thanks!

If you have any problems, feel free to join us in our IRC channel specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Galaxy Nexus IRC Channel

Having problems rooting your phone? Want to make sure you're doing it correct the first time? Click Me


WARNING! These are NOT Rooted. These are FACTORY builds, do NOT expect root permissions with these images. These are what you would use to restore your phone to bone stock.

Factory Images for GSM / CDMA Galaxy Nexus [12/16/11]
by Google

[Odin]4.0.2 [12/16/11]
by Pentafive


Cyanogen Mod 9(Official) [Nightly]
by CyanogenMod

Android Revolution HD [4/24/12]
by mike1986

Bugless Beast [2/20/12]
by Pete

RootzBoat [3/19/12]
by jakeday

Tranquility Ice [3/5/12]
by P3Droid

Android Open Kang Project [4/20/12]
by roman (Official) [3/24/12]
by leeech and Magiman7

[Odin] ICL53F Stock Rooted [12/19/11]
by Chainfire

Gummy Nex [4/18/12]
by Team Gummy

That's the second biggest monkey head I've ever seen! (CM9 Kang) [4/24/12]
by fitsnugly

CM9 Kang [4/23/12]
by winner00

Paradigm [4/10/12]
by Team Bamf

Dark AOSP [3/6/11]
by Andrew

Liquid ICS [4/21/12]
by Team Liquid

Redemption [4/18/12]
by HeyItsLou

Codename Android [3/14/12]
by codenamedroid

4.0.4 Stock Rooted [2/5/12]
by P3Droid / NoCoast

Black ICE [4/20/12]
by travp624

IMM30B Stock Rooted +Mods [2/20/12]
by craigacgomez

Cherry Gum [3/12/12]
by pauljohnson75

Grape Gum [4/19/12]
by pauljohnson75

Spearmint Gum [4/19/12]
by pauljohnson75

Peppermint Gum [4/16/12]
by gitku

MIUI (Kang) [4/13/12]
by TheBigNoob

ICSourcery [3/31/12]
by TeamSourcery

Tee Rom [3/24/12]
by TeeRom

Simplex Rom [3/26/12]
by lifebeginsfriday

Twisted [4/21/12]
by dhemke17

Eclipse [4/20/12]
by nitroglycerine33

Vicious AOSP [4/22/12]
by Team Vicious

Vicious Sense [4/20/12]
by Team Vicious

GalaXperia [4/18/12]
by Team Vicious

Butter Nutz [4/20/12]
by ImNuts

WARNING! There may be multiple versions available for download. Please make sure you download the kernel compatible with your current ROM.

AOSP Project Achilles [12/18/11]
by b16

Apex [1/2/12]
by Fabolous

AOSP LTE [4/13/12]
by faux123

Stock OC/UV [12/20/11]
by poitee

Minimalistic [4/22/12]
by Imoseyon

La Villa Strangiato [2/22/12]
by HeyItsLou

Franco Kernel [3/19/12]
by fransicofranco

KangBang [2/16/12]
by DRod2169

GLaDOS [4/15/12]
by Ezekeel

Trinity [4/12/12]
by morfic

Codename Android Kernel [3/13/12]
by blueharford

Popcorn [4/14/12]
by sonicxml

Radios and Bootloaders

All Available Radios (CWM)

All Available Radios and Bootloaders (Fastboot)

Radio Hybrids


Clockwork Recovery [12/16/11]
by Koush

Team Win Recovery Project [4/20/12]
by TeamWin

Goo Manager [4/10/12]
by s0up

Clockwork Recovery Touch (Official) [1/31/12]
by Koush

Touch Based Clockwork Recovery [1/11/12]
by unstableapps

Clockwork Recovery (No Skip Edition) [1/23/12]
by xoomdev

I just live here
475 Posts

Boot Animations [Updated Almost Daily]
by JaeKar99

NFL Teams Boot Animations [N/A]
by JaeKar99

Random Boot Animations Script [N/A]
by djmcnz

DA Swype Themes [2/22/12]
by DJ Darknight

Swype [2/16/12]
by Swype

LTE Toggle [1/12/12]
by ihtfp69

Google Wallet [12/17/11]
by lukegb

DSP Manager [1/5/12]
by krylon360

ROM Theme'ed Wallpapers [2/18/12]
by knok

No Search Bar [2/12/12]
by djmcnz

BRD Launcher [12/31/11]
by theb1rdm4n

Nova Launcher [2/16/12]
by [email protected]

Apex Launcher [2/22/12]
by dennisxl

Nova Launcher Folder Background Images [2/23/12]
by jaydohtelloh

RootzWiki Wallpapers [2/23/12]
by NatemZ

NFL Wallpapers [2/23/12]
by NatemZ

Jake Bites Mods [2/15/11]
by jakebites

Camera Button Mod (Volume Keys) [12/31/11]
by runandhide05

Joker GApps Icons [1/24/12]
by Fatsix

Darker Keyboards [2/9/12]
by gsxrdon

Transparent Status and Navagation Bars [2/17/12]
by Fatsix

Nate Modz [2/23/12]
by NatemZ

Totally Inverted GApps [2/16/12]
by travp624

Framework Animation Mods (AOKP) [2/28/12]
by thepsyntyst

Themed Softkeys / Wallpapers / More (AOKP) [3/4/12]
by thepolishguy

MNML Statusbar(AOKP) [2/29/12]
by kgill77

Lejendary Layouts [3/2/12]
by UrbanLejendary

Custom Icon Sets [2/22/12]

Remove Softkeys [2/17/12]
by mrx88336350

Taste The Rainbow (Battery and Statusbar Mods) [2/26/12]
by Zaphod-Beeblebrox

Thirdeye (Battery and Statusbar Mods) [3/4/12]
by tgwaste

Halfpint Navbar [2/28/12]
by manigma77

Business Series [2/19/12]
by Despyse

Seperate Data I/O [3/2/12]
by Detonation

Pattern Lock Themes [2/20/12]
by Despyse

G-NeXicons [3/5/12]
by shakeyabooti

Blue Themed G-NeXicons [3/6/12]
by daz.g

Nordpolcampers Icon / Wallpaper / Dock Mods [3/6/12]
by Nordpolcamper

ICS Theme'ed Icons [2/29/12]
by Zer0_Cool

Light Edge Icons [2/23/12]
by mrfenyx

Minimal J Softkeys [2/17/12]
by bleachedgin

WARNING! Please make sure themes are compatible with your ROM! Flashing theme's which are not compatible with your ROM could result in softbricks and/or bootloops, or worse.

R3tro [2/5/12]
by DaFatMack

Cobalt [3/6/12]
by dustinb17

ICS & Black [3/4/12]
by gxsrdon

Negativity (Liquid) [2/29/12]
by kook

Splash of Red "Bloody Sandwich" [1/21/12]
by Berzerker

AOKP Themes [2/29/12]
by sonnysekhon

Cyan-N-Black, Red-N-Black, Green-N-Black, HoloGreen-N-Black (AOKP) [3/3/12]
by qasimzia512

Black Exodus [3/6/12]
by Nitroz

Realism [2/4/12]
by allnallwall

ICS Green (AOKP) [2/7/12]
by Schoat333

Glowing Green (AOKP) [3/1/12]
by Kevin3328

Bumblebee (AOKP) [2/1/12]
by Athorax

Cyan-O-Cream Sandwich (Gummy) [2/1/12]
by gitku

Orange Gummy(GummyNex) [2/13/12]
by rizheno

Grape Gum(GummyNex) [2/21/12]
by pauljohnson75

Cherry Gum(GummyNex) [3/5/12]
by pauljohnson75

Black Nexus (AOKP) [3/1/12]
by Hooolm and Nitroz

Cyan and White(AOKP) [3/5/12]
by zathus

Vigor(Gummy) [3/6/12]
by xrevx

Blasphemous(Gummy) [3/6/12]
by xrevx

Axi0m ISO(Axi0m AOKP) [3/6/12]
by thephoenixwave

Simply Blue(Liquid ICS) [3/6/12]
by JayR_Themer

Zerospeed8's Theme's (AOKP) [3/6/12]
by zerospeed8

The Word (AOKP) [3/6/12]
by adizzy

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lol just in case

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I'll be getting my Nexus once I get to work. I look forward to checking back on this list to see how well it grows. I appreciated the list when I was on my Charge.
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