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[WALLPAPERS] 191 Black & Bright Colors Wallpapers

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I am proud to present you a huge collection of 191 Black-inspired Wallpapers for the Galaxy Nexus
I'd be grateful if you want to press the Thanks button if you're going to use these wallpapers!

To make optimal use of our Galaxy Nexus's Super AMOLED HD screen I have compiled some great black-inspired wallpapers (most with bright colors to really make that display stand out) that you can use as your background image. The sizes somewhat vary, but are all minimal 1600x1080, big enough for our GN's Super AMOLED screen. I have decided not to resize them all to 1440x1280 because now you can decide for yourself how you want to position you wallpaper to you liking.

>> Download the Wallpapers on Google+ <<
To download the wallpaper full-res, click on it, choose "Options" and then "Download Photo"

>> Download the Wallpapers on Dropbox <<
To download the wallpaper full-res, click on it and choose "Full size" or "Save" (buttons are really small on your phone)

>> Download all 191 Wallpapers on Multiupload <<
Initial Collection, Update 20-12, Update 22-12, Update 25-12, Update 27-12, Update 07-01
This is the complete package with all wallpapers full-res in 1 RAR archive, with new folders on each update

Sneak Preview

Wallpaper Manager Apps in the Android Market
Automatic Wallpaper Changer 3 - Updates and changes your wallpaper automatically
Wallpaper Wizardrii - Takes any size image and set it as your wallpaper, with 10 different modes

Disclaimer: I am not the creator of most of these wallpapers, I'm just collecting these from everywhere (Google, Torrents, Usenet) and compile them into 1 package for our Galaxy Nexus. Some of them I made myself though, and some I have edited to look better on the GNEX's Super AMOLED screen.
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when i try to download wallppaper changer 3 it says its not compatible with the gnex?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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