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We have finally came into a position to pay a little money for the hard work some of these article writers put out. We are looking to hire a few people for a starting price to feel the waters of their abilities to write for us. Here is a list of some things we need from you:
  • Do you have a PayPal account?
  • Are you familiar with hacking and modifying your device?
  • What history in writing do you have?
  • Have you written for any other sites?
  • Why are you interested in being at RootzWiki?
  • What do you think you are going to bring to the table?
  • Please provide us with some info about yourself.
  • What device do you currently use?
  • Please send us a small portfolio of links and/or writings you have done in the past.
Our goal here is to pump goods back into the Android development ecosystem that has seemed to lost track, we are pure zealots in the light of Android, but unfortunately our staff, as the site is getting bigger daily, cannot make the articles anymore. We need a news team and would like to pay a little money for it so you can either pay part of your cell bill or give you the extra "oomph" in that new upgrade. Here is where we are going to start:
  • You will be part of the news team.
  • We require minimum of 15 articles per month, 25 max.
  • For regular articles $3 each, Breaking news $5 (Must be first to break big news)
  • No advertisements visible on site.
  • Private section to talk amongst others.
We are hoping to pick up a few very talented writers for the site, and if you are as excited about development as us, then you should have no problem making the cut. We cannot wait to see what you all have to offer!

Send ALL applications to [email protected]

Please contact b16 (Senior Moderator/Developer & Staff relations rep) via Twitter or send him a PM if you have any questions.


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