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[email protected]:/media/Transcend/GenesisX/frameworks/base$ git cherry-pick 49fbccbe4410bee57256
error: could not apply 49fbccb... Galaxy S Style Widgets, Thanks Cyanogenmod
hint: after resolving the conflicts, mark the corrected paths
hint: with 'git add <paths>' or 'git rm <paths>'
hint: and commit the result with 'git commit -c 49fbccb'
Recorded preimage for 'core/java/android/provider/'
Recorded preimage for 'packages/SystemUI/AndroidManifest.xml'

It tells you whats wrong right there ^, all you have to do is read it :D
It tells you it didnt merge cleanly, and that you need to fixit for it and then commit the changes you made with 'git commit -c 49bccb'
The 2 files that have errors are the 2 listed above.
Now in those 2 files you will find places that look similar to this..
<<<<< HEAD commit blabhabahbablaba >>>>
some code
new code
and the new lastbit
<<<<<<< commit blah blah >>>>>>>>

Now the top part is the EXISTING CODE. the second part is the NEW code. Some times it was a space that made it fail, other times there might be something new/missing that is ok, but the cherrypick didnt know how to manage it.
You have to figure out what to do to handle it.
Then save it, and do the same to the rest of the files listed. Once you have done them all, you have to git add <file1> <file2>... then do the git commit part from above.

Do some reading online man, thats where I learned it, and I am still learning it. In the 5 days you were waiting for an answer you could have read the man page once or twice :p
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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