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Jmoney4769 said:
Ok, I will put this in a simple way, and then explain.

If the most you can do is SBF, you can't.

If you want to make a rom you need some SERIOUS knowledge of how to work with java, and 2nd-init will make it that much harder. I know I can do some stuff with java, but I am not even close to being able to make a rom. You could start with theming and learning how xmls work, or you can take upon the task (like myself) of learning java. You will need both. Good luck.
Actually roms like MIUI, and OMGB, were just a lot of tweaking. There may have been some custom code, but most of it was moving code from things that worked. So you really don't need an EXTENSIVE knowledge. But when compiling something vutsom it take a lot more knowledge.
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