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Welcome to the Thunderbolt Forums!

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Welcome to the Thunderbolt section of RootzWiki Forums. You'll notice there are two sections here.

- Developer Forums - This is where developers show off their roms/themes/ect!

And of course the general Thunderbolt section, where this sticky is posted!
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Great job birdman, can't wait to see all the good stuff coming. thunderbolt owner here!
Thanks BM for the link via twitter. I look forward to getting my bolt in 2 days. Btw im @ballaholyk84
You guys are doing great! Thanks Birdman, b16, and Captainkrtek!
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The site looks great . Off to a wonderful start, kudos

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Hot damn birdman... it's looking good
greenblattsam said:
So Birdman what's your secret project?
Secret projects are supposed to remain secret
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I'm looking forward to see the progress of this forum, gotta say after last night's bombshell I'm expecting big things.
Looks good
Hi! can't wait for all the sweet content!
I'm enjoying the site. Thanks for the hard work.
this site is looking sweet. You guys are all doing a great job, thanks for the hard work you all have put in.
Must say, I like the attitude so far in this forum. Reminds me of the start of another forum.
:_) :likes:
Love this site! Nuff said
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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