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I've used many roms and I have to say I have an ocd problem too. customization is more important to me than battery life. I probably used miui the longest until it stopped receiving updates, but since its receiving updates now thanks to DXC I'll probably go back to it.

I really don't care for AOSP builds because you're forced to use aosp gallery and camera which suck. the gallery is slow at loading pictures and the aosp camera app takes horrible grainy pictures. forget megapixels because its just large pictures of a vga camera. I do agree the aosp give the best speeds and stability among the rest, but at the risk of losing features that your DX is meant for isn't worth it to me. miui is an aosp build, but the gallery is a lot like the blur version and the camera app is great.

I've used cm7 and I liked it and I plan to go back to it when most of the bugs are fixed. I used liberty gb v.08 and its a great rom and gives you the option blur or aosp, but there's bugs with the blur apps. if you try to send a picture through the blur gallery via messaging you'll get an error message saying "no applications installed to perform this action" I asked questions about it and got no support and I even donated to the liberty team.

all I can say is try out the roms, decide what you like and stick with it. not all custom roms are going to be perfect, especially the ones listed as beta, contain a lot of bugs and you may or may not get any support from the devs.

best of luck to you.
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