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I've had experience with Otterbox (commuter), Sedio Actice, and Body Glove for the most part...

Otterbox is a GREAT case, there's no question about it, but I find it to add a little more bulk to this slim phone that I would like... Also the plastic backing tends to make me feel like the case is a little more slippery than i would like... (not speaking on the specific case for galaxy nexus, just previous phones).. Also the rubber seems to attract pocket lint, and I do kinda hate the way the port covers seem to work... But i know if I were to ever drop a smartphone (for the first time) it would probably be perfectly fine..

Sedio Active I've had this for the Galaxy S and it seemed to add less bulk to the phone while also providing what I would think to be good protection.... The buttons seem to fit more snug, which allows easier pressing to do the job. Also they seem to provide more grip... On the Galaxy S it seemed to cover less of the screen which helped in swiping to the next screens.... And also, it seems a little easier to take off the case for the *battery removal need* when you get the occasional boot loop...

Body Glove, i just happed to buy an Atrix that came with one on it, and I wouldn't actually consider buying on for the Galaxy Nexus, but it seems to be ok.. Doesn't add much bulk, doesn't get in my way, and doesn't attract pocket lint....

These are the only name brand cases I've actually used, and you can see I'm leaning towards the Seido Active... If anyone has had some experience with these or can tell me something I'm missing I would really appreciate it...

I just want to protect my device (since I paid retail like all of us GSM in the US did) but I don't want to take away from the slimmness and beauty of the device..


From what I've read the XO screen protector (NOT CASE FIT) seems to be the best????

As you can probably tell i'm pretty anal, about all of this.... I think most of us Hardcore Android early adopters on a budget are, so I was just trying to get some advice from people that have already went through this.. (still waiting on my delivery from dailysteals

I was actually planning on making this the First smartphone that I didn't use a case or screen protector (because knock on wood I've never dropped a phone that would cause damage) and I was kinda wanting to use the docks with the pin connectors but I'm not a very lucky person so a good friend reminded me of that and strongly recommended against lol...

Thanks in Advance for any and all advice...
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