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It was easy to find links for all manner of gapps releases - too easy in fact. But after spending many hours researching which gapps were appropriate for my situation (Nexus 4 AOKP milestone2), I remained unenlightened. I saw what, to me, appeared to be conflicting messages that fell roughly under the headings: "always use the latest gapps" and "use these gapps: xxxlinkxxx" (where "these gapps" are not the latest, often very old) - roughly in equal measure.

I was wanting to flash AOKP milestone 2, which is 4.2.2-based, but was thinking that "the latest gapps" might need 4.3 to operate properly (I had seen a number of cautions against using gapps for any OS release later than your OS).

Then I ran across Goo Manager (available in Play store) which purports to serve up "compatible ROMs" (it did offer the milestone2 release for my phone, though none of the nightlies since that release) and it offered to "download the latest gapps FOR YOUR DEVICE"(emphasis mine). THAT sounded like what I needed and decided to go with those. As it turned out it downloaded gapps-jb-20121011, which I later learned was for 4.2.1. Google search and voice input did not work at all, so I simply updated google search from the play store and that fixed the problem.

Subsequently I found listings of gapps packages and the OSes they are good to go with on TeamAndroid and elsewhere on this site (search for "gapps" in the wiki) and installed gapps-jb-20130301 (which appears to be the latest gapps for 4.2.2) and are also available via Goo Manager (though you have to know that's what you are looking for and weed through a long list to find it - easy enough though). Even with this latest offering for 4.2.2, I found I had to update google search for it to work.

And it is worth noting that, in general, the commonly available gapps packages, to avoid bloat, skip the apps that are directly downloadable from the Play store (with the exception of Search).

I found the following to be the most helpful resources in learning about gapps and figuring out which gapps to flash...

In response to the original topic of this thread, it would be instructive and helpful if AOKP included such links directly on their site.

My thanks to all who ARE helpful in their posts - you inspire and set an example for us noobs to follow.

FWIW - snarkiness works against the interests of everyone (except, I guess, those immature enough to still be entertained by it - Maybe there should be a dedicated Snarkiness thread so all who enjoy such can get their fill instead of cluttering up other threads).
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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