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All of the AOSP ROMs have GPS issues. The biggest bug is that GPS will simply flat-out not work. However, this is the easiest to fix and is a pseudo-permanent until at least a data wipe or flashing of a new ROM (flashing new kernels is fine). The other bug that still hasn't been figured out yet is that network location that depends on the carrier's network is (VERY) off for some people yet it works for others. Full GPS works fine and network location based on wifi works fine. This one hasn't been fixed yet and there is no solid work-around either, other than turning on Wifi (which obviously is non-ideal for battery reasons but that said, AOSP battery life > Sense battery life for most, so it's not that bad).

Another "common" bug is data stability. Firstly, 85% of people have no data stability issues while 15% of people do (yes, pulling numbers out of my ass but hopefully this helps give you a good idea). So as long as you're not in that 15% category, data is not a problem.

Another "common" issue is in call volume but this problem is going away. Some people never had this issue, some people have this issue fixed by the ROM, and the rest that still have it after all that usually say that the Tiamat kernel fixes it for them.

The last common issue that I can think of is that battery usage tends to be reported incorrectly (I believe Display usage gets blamed on a couple other processes) but this isn't really all that important - if that's the last remaining "common bug" that gets left, we'd all be pretty happy and not ***** much.

Now all of this being said, sometimes there's a release of one of these that has a major bug. However, these things tend to be fixed in the next release. So other than the GPS issues I mentioned and the data issues for 15% of people, these ROMs are all plenty solid enough to be used as daily-drivers, even for business phones, and don't really have any major issues. Just make sure that the latest version of the ROM you choose doesn't have any major bugs before you put your job on the line for it. For example, Liquid Thunderbread (LTB) GPS was horribly broken in 2.4 but worked great in 2.3 and now in 2.5. And of course, bugs aren't just in LTB but every ROM sometimes has their own bugs because the developers are working so hard to give us new stuff.

My sig has a list of the major AOSP ROMs available. I suggest you try them all - they are all VERY good. Just a quick summary of the available ROMs:

OMGB: This is the closest to "vanilla Android" that we have. It's almost pure but only has a few tweaks and a couple extra APKs in it.
CM7: This is the ROM that you probably know and love. Stable, fast, and lots of settings.
OMFGB: This is an AOSP-based ROM with very frequent updates that is growing in functionality very quickly. A couple of the claims to fame in this ROM is the incredibly lightweight yet somewhat featureful Launcher app (probably performs better than any other launcher in existence yet nowhere near as featureful as ADW or LPP) as well as the Honeycomb-concept Lockscreen. It has a much smaller set of settings when compared to CM7 but every release is a step forward, plus it has a number of features that CM7 doesn't have.
Liquid Thunderbread: I think of this as CM7 with more settings but less support. The number of settings in this ROM is utterly jaw-dropping and it's a sweet ROM.

Personally I run OMFGB but seriously, I would be happy with any of these ROMs. They are all spectacular in their own regards. You really can't go wrong.

Good luck, and above all, have fun! Also, check out Boot Manager if you want to try out ALL of these ROMs over a week or so. It will help you compare/contrast the ROMs to see what you like best. :)
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