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I'm switching over to T-Mobile today from Verizon. Ultimately, I want a Nexus 4 (and would buy it subsidized) and in the likely event that they are sold out I was thinking of getting a 32gb S3 ($150) or a Note 2 ($300) to hold me over and getting a Nexus from the play store when they restock then selling the other device.

Which should I get?

I'm leaning towards the S3 because, for the time I'll have it, it is a more usable device (note is too big) and its cheaper. However, doing a quick craigslist check they don't seem to be going for much and I would break even (fine with that) or end up taking a small loss.

Then I saw the Note 2 and I was thinking even thought the note is twice the price that since the note is newer there would be a better chance of getting my money back on the deal.

EDIT: Sales clerk told us to wait till Black Friday
EDIT 2: I ended up getting the SIII and found a nexus 4 on craigslist going for playstore price (price from the store after tax and shipping), and my be returning the SIII. Mods feel free to close this.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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