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p0nk0 said:
Hi there guys,while I'm waiting for the CM team to rock my touchpad I have been looking for two webOS apps that to me are crucial and was wondering if anyone has stumbled upon them. I know that the first is a video player that works with a lot more formats than the native Touchpad supports. I've recently tried the trial for Kalemsoft media player which is extremely good but I don't want to dish out 6 dollars for an app for 60 or so days before putting android on it. I've also tried the touchplayer from the homebrew market but like the program says it uses the CPU not the hardware so it still requires some heavy tuning. So here we go I'm looking for:

1. Media player ( mkv required, everything else just a +)
2. Network browser ( have a network drive with mkv's that I want to access so I can stream and not have to move to the touchpad )

I know 6 dollars isn't much and for good software I just might buy it if I intended to stay with webOS but the thrush is once cm gets here webOS is biting the dust.

Hmm, you just spent $100 on a Touchpad and you are too poor to spend $6 on an app. It works out at 10 cents a day if you replay WebOS with Android in 60 days and who says Android is going to be fully working in 60 days time?
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