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Who ordered from Neobits?

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I purchased the 32GB TP and i haven't got mail beside the order confirmation.
I'm afraid something is wrong with this store. They said they would send the TP in one week (and I'm ok with that) but I received no feedback beyond the above. What do you think? can I count on it?
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I bought a 32GB from them. I've called a couple times and they keep saying that if you received a confirmation email, then they should be sending one in a week or week and a half. Not instilling me with a heck of a lot of confidence.
I hope we can trust them..
Do they have a relatively good reputation?
Anyone else order from these guys and get any info? I checked out with google since they seemed a bit more reputable to me, but I haven't gotten a response to any of my inquiry emails (to neobits).

I guess they did say 1 week processing time, which is next monday, but the lack of communication is somewhat troubling.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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