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I'll try and help diagnose for you...
1) How did you install, through recovery or extracting the zip and placing the apk?
2) What rom and android version are you on? This app will need at least 4.2.1 to be placed on the lockscreen.

I'm running Carbon v1.5 (4.2.2) on my N7, it already has this widget as LockClock (cLock in the widget drawer). I believe this was CM's original name for the widget. So whenever I flashed my modded Chronus-blue on it did not show up in the app drawer, and did not replace cLock automatically. I had to remove LockClock from system/app first, then reboot for Chronus to show up. Hope this helps.
yes i'm running cm10.1 4.2.2 this was just put in to todays nightly anyway. thanks for the reply and help.
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